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Fairmont Information

Residential Burglary Alert

March 21, 2008 - 11:48 AM

The Citizen Alert is intended to advise you of criminal activity that may affect you or your community. If you have questions or suspect information, call the issuing law enforcement agency shown below. Your identity can remain confidential.


The Fairmont Police Department needs your help and cooperation! A burglary is reported every 15 seconds in the United States. Two out of every three burglaries were residential in nature and criminalists believe that if all break-ins were reported, one in every four homes in the US were burglarized in 1995. Burglaries have declined recently in the US but there is still cause for concern.

During the last three months Fairmont citizens have reported several residential burglaries that we believe are related. Nine of these burglaries were occupied dwellings. Five of them have occurred between the hours of 1AM and 6AM. The suspect(s) are primarily focused on taking cash. However, food, power tools and alcohol have also been stolen. During several of the burglaries the homeowners have been awakened and have confronted the burglar. On all but one occasion there was no forced entry- the burglar has just entered through unlocked doors. Residents are urged to lock your doors as a basic form of prevention. No vehicles have been seen or heard leaving the area so we believe the burglar has been on foot or riding a bicycle. The suspect(s) have been described as tall (5'9" to 5'11"), with a medium build and usually wearing dark clothing and carrying a flashlight.

Although Fairmont Police are working on a few suspects, we need your help. A cash reward leading to the arrest of the suspect(s) is available through Crimestoppers.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe from burglars. Always lock your doors, including garage walk-throughs. Install or maintain motion lights around entry points. Talk to your neighbors and let them know when you will be out of town. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to prevent hiding spots. Call 238-4481 immediately if you see someone acting suspicious in your neighborhood. Call 911 if you detect an intruder in your house or garage. Do not confront the intruder, just get a good description and call the police right away.

Call the Fairmont Police Department at 238-4481 and ask for a crime prevention officer if you have an anonymous tip or if you would like a free home security inspection. Thank you for taking these basic security measures.